Welcome to Summer

Peace everyone, I hope this mail finds you well. The road, the studio, and jetlag have been my masters for the last couple of months. On some days I haven’t known whether I was coming or going lately, with the … Read More »

Marching On Pt. 2

Peace everyone,I hope this mail finds you well. Things have been fast and furious since releasing my album back in October. We have been doing relatively respectable in sales numbers, but recently, our distribution house, Studio Distribution, unfortunately went out … Read More »


Party Peepholes!So, here we are…back again! A few points to address: RIP Gordon Parks, who passed this week at the age of 93. If you don’t know who he is, get a late pass and do your homework…Your legacy will … Read More »

Rest In Peace James Yancey

Dilla changed the game for hip hop producers, as far as I’m concerned..Period. From Keith Murray to The Pharcyde, The Ummah to The Soulquarians, Jaylib, Spacek, D’Angelo, The Roots, Frank & Dank, SV and PPP, and the zillions of other … Read More »

Februrary Heat

Peace EveryoneWhat’s good? Hope this finds all of you well. Been a long time since I sent this mailer out, and with good reason. Kindred Spirits USA is alive and well now, and we got tons more good music and … Read More »


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