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Read the article to the end for my next events, including Brooklyn Bowl tonight, September 9th, and Funkin’ Right alongside DJ Needlz in St Louis tomorrow, September 10th!

I also have the pleasure of rocking the Turntables On The Hudson Boat Cruise on September 17th, as well and Sendae Sermon in RIverside Park in Harlem on September 25t http://sundaesermon.com/events.php! AND, the legendary Breakbeat Lou (@BreakBeatLou) rocks at Props October 5th ( we know the flyer says Sept 28th at the moment, but stay tuned…)!!! Details on all that later!

Otherwise, all my events are at the end of this mailer if you’re getting this via email, or in the Events section of www.richmedina.com if you are just cruising through the site! Stay tuned for new and improved site mechanisms coming your way real soon too!


In other news, my peoples have their hands elbow deep into the most recent Philadelphia #VitaminWaterUncapped program, and the next two nights close out the series. If you are in Philly and wondering what’s the flavor thing to get into this weekend, here’s your answer right here buddy…

Shouts out to Little Giant (@215Tayyib) and SuperflyMom (@superflymom3) for creating 16 days worth of extremely credible programming from the ground up. All events are at Sigma Sound, on N 12th St, just north of Race St. in Chinatown.


Sept 9 and Sept 10, 2011 programming.

Tonight, Friday Sept 9th from 9pm – 1 am

“Boys vs. Girls”

Dirty South Joe, Guns Garcia, Phsh, Suga Shay, Ultra Violet, Sega, Ethel Cee, Gilbere Forte, Zarina, Chill Moody will all be performing in an all out gender battle.

Saturday – Sept 10th from11am-6pm  

“Bboy and All Styles Battle”

with a cash prize awarded at the next Superdope!

9pm-1 am
DJ Statik, DJ Aktive & JUST BLAZE!!!!

Their entire session ends tomorrow night from 8pm to 1am, with music by some of my favorite dudes around. DJ Statik, DJ Aktive, and the legendary production machine known as Just Blaze!

Here’s to a fantastic kick off to Fall 2011 for everyone. Bless up, and hopefully see you in BK or St Louis this weekend!


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