Barkham Creative
Artist Management & Career Direction

The Cornell Hip Hop Collection
The mission of the Cornell Hip Hop Collection (CHHC) is to collect and make accessible the historical artifacts of Hip Hop culture and to ensure their preservation for future generations.

Crazy Legs Workshop
Rock Steady Crew is the longest lasting Hip Hop dance organization of its era that continues to perform, compete, preserve and educate younger generations.

The Marksmen
THE MARKSMEN is a free-agent producers network with members specializing in Hip-Hop track production, R&B & Soul music production and songwriting, Music for TV & Radio Ads, TV & Film scoring, and Sound Design.

The AfroBeatles
This project explores an ‘alternate reality’ where The Beatles, the greatest and most influential act of the rock era and Fela Kuti, The King of Afro Beat, meet and decide to form a group, The AfroBeatles.

Michael Jackson meets Fela Kuti in this Mashup Experience produced by The Marksmen Guerrilla Production Network.

Jump N Funk
For almost 15 years, JUMP N FUNK has been a staple on dancefloors from New York to Berlin, establishing itself as the first and most consistent DJ-based party dedicated to Fela Kuti and his message of peace and equality through music.

Aside from footwear staples such as Nike, adidas, Converse, ASICS, Reebok, KangaROOS, New Balance and Ubiq, you can also find products from brands like Stüssy, Rockwell, Kangol, Norse Projects, Patta’s in-house brand and more.

Tucker & Bloom
Tucker & Bloom is a family business with over 30 years in the bag industry, focusing on organizational products, and clean design. Since the beginning, Tucker & Bloom has manufactured bags that emphasize organization, and individuality through functional design. Our exclusive distribution through this site underscores our belief in the importance of domestic manufacturing, with the fundamental skills that it fosters.

101 Apparel
101 Apparel takes inspiration from all the musical styles across the globe; from afro beat to disco, Brazilian samba, bossa nova, and Tropicalia, to the vast encyclopedia of electronic music, hip-hop, funk, soul, reggae and jazz, and everything else that falls in between.

Universal Zulu Nation
The UZN is an organization designed at showing people means to leave their problems and stress on the shelf for the sake of Peace, Unity, Love, and having fun. Based on the cornerstones of hip hop; B Boying, DJing, Graffiti, Emceeing and Knowledge Of Self, The UZN proved monumental in the dissipation of NYC gang culture through the late 70s under the guidance of Afrika Bambaataa. Today, our membership tops over 10k worldwide, most with organized local chapters who practice the UZN tenets to the letter to this day.

Since 2003, Fusicology.com has been the Source for Progressive Soul/Hip-Hop/House/Dance/Jazz/NuJazz/Funk Event Listings.  We feature user generated & curated Concerts, Festivals, Conferences plus New Music, Videos, Art & Photos from our Cultural Diaspora.

Good clothes open all doors. It opens the door to your soul. Open up, OntFront is a designer menswear label & store. Our Amsterdam based store is multi-labeled and carries a fine selection of brands to envision our beliefs.

Cosmo Baker
A master of hip-hop, a king of disco & funk, a don of electronic dance music, and his unique style and skill is able to bring it all together to rock crowds of thousands around the globe.

Representing men with exquisite taste, Donn Sterling is a custom menswear boutique servicing a bevy of sharp gentlemen across the continental United States, and soon, the world. From custom dress shirts to full blon suit design and manufacturing, Donn Sterling represents what every man should want in his personal wardrobe. Fashion forward fashion for the modern man.

Home base for all things related to The Roots, and their extended family and friends worldwide. A great place to check in on the latest shows, sounds and art related news, across an ocean of genres and perspectives. A great place to check album reviews and other recording industry and entertainment news. And de we mention, it’s The Roots? OK…just checking.

Bling 47 is the brainchild of Detroit’s own Waajeed (Platinum Pied Pipers/Slum Village) and now houses all things “Bling”, from newsletters on the current state of affairs in Detroit, to video interview series like “Bling 47 Breaks Edition”, Dirt Tech Rec news, album reviews and downloads. If you have an appreciation for Detroit music and artists, this is where you should be to learn more and expand your palette in that department.

Rush Hour
One of the sharpest minded independent record shops in Europe hands down, and family at that. Rush hour distribution is the home of many an incredible release over the past 10 plus years. Their store represents the best of the best that the brand has to offer as well as the absolute best range of record selection one could ask forint side the RH brand. A trip to Amsterdam or digging online without stopping here should be deemed criminal.

Everybody’s favorite renaissance man, Bobbito Garcia wears many hats. Writer, basketball player, film maker, dj, confidant, counselor, radio personality, radio promotions pioneer, urban legend…we could go on…but for now let’s just say Bobbito is the best, hands down. Whether is his business acumen, friendships, or our partnership with Footwork Illadelph from 1996-2000, Bobbito has and always will be, our brother from another mother.

BBE Records
Simply put, Barely Breaking Even Records is one of the if not the very most important and prolific independent record labels of our generation. What with their compilations, artist albums, 7″ releases and ever evolving catalog, one would be hard pressed to find an issue with BBE. Further, we will be collaborating with the label very closely in 2015, so stay tuned!

Ultimate Breaks and Beats
Hands down UBB is the vinyl foundation for most hip hop DJs worldwide. The beloved 25 record series was the brainchild of Lenny Roberts, and his young partner Louis Flores aka Break Beat Lou. After the Paul Winley Super Disco Breaks and Lenny’s Octopus Breaks Series onStreet Beat Records, UBB became the holy grail of compilations, not only because of Lou’s edits, but also the full collection of breaks which make up the bulk of the canon many DJs know as classic B Boy breaks.

To get a sense of who Danny Akalepse is you have to check his track record. Playing records since 1993 he came up as a Battle / Party DJ in Hip Hop’s Golden Era where it truly was your skill set that your reputation was based on. With more than two decades of djing under his belt he has become highly respected in Soul, Funk, and Hip Hop circles the world over. Dividing his time in the early days of his career between radio, battles, DJing for Parrish Smith of EPMD, and collecting records developed both his ear and rounded out his skill set as a DJ.

Phil Graci
Web Consulting, Development and Programming

Duane Clemmer
Branding, Design, and WordPress site management

Formerly known as TriAgency, these 2 dudes have handled my website and flyer needs for the last 15 years. They built the original Bobbito’s Footwork website, my own site from day one, and developed my iPhone app, which launched in 2012. Duane has designed a vast majority of my branded Philadelphia and NYC flyers for the better part of last 10+ years. Other clients include DJ Kemit, Worship Recordings, 1K Recordings, Cocoa Tea, Solomonic Sound, and Federation Sound. The future is brighter than ever for these guys since disbanding TriAgency and reprogramming their brands, with 2015 coding and design projects with WordPress, including custom plugins on the drawing board.

One of the world’s first Certified Ableton Training Centers, Dubspot has become the premier school for experienced and aspiring artists alike who want to learn more about the latest music and media technologies and how to use them. Dubspot is also an ever-growing community of musicians, DJs, visual artists, audio professionals, veteran producers and enthusiasts of all genres who share one thing–a genuine passion for music. Dubspot also offers private group classes and a host of professional event services, as well as DJ and VJ services and equipment rental.