José James’s ‘Peace Power Change’ Video Takes on Racial Injustice in America


Rich is featured in José James’s ‘Peace Power Change’ Video.

from http://www.vice.com/read/jose-james-peace-power-change-music-video-takes-on-racial-injustice-in-america-456

Systemic police brutality directed at blacks has galvanized the American public, causing people to take to the streets in protest and to social media with displays of solidarity. Artists of all sorts have lent their gifts to the cause as well, and jazz and hip-hop vocalist José James has done just that with the release of his new music video, “Peace Power Change.”

The clip features prominent African American men and women like Robert Glasper, Fab 5 Freddy, Feminista Jones, Ray Angry of the Roots, and many others holding up handwritten messages that epitomize the struggle and their hopes for change. The video is directed by Talia Billig and the music is James’s enthralling acoustic cover of Sam Cooke’s Civil Rights anthem “A Change Is Gonna Come.”

Executive Producer – José James
Director and Producer – Talia Billig
Director of Photography, Editor, and Producer – Sachi Maclachlan
Graphic Design – Hayden Miller